Corporate Governance

The Board of Propel Global recognises the importance of conducting good corporate governance and is committed in ensuring that the Group practices a high standard of corporate governance in the Group's daily business operations which is in line with the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021 ("MCCG") in discharging their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to enhance long-term shareholders value whilst taking into account the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders of the Company. The Board believes that having a strong corporate governance framework is the key to bring strong financial performance for each financial year, and more importantly delivers long-term and sustainable value to shareholders.

Board Charter

Board Diversity Policy

Fit & Proper Policy

Terms & Reference of Audit Committee

Terms of Reference of Nominating and Remuneration Committee

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

PGB Constitution

Human Rights Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy