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Propel Global is a Malaysian grown entity with specialty capabilities in a complex oil and gas sector that drives value creation, carbon efficiency and business profitability for clients. We specialise in pipe recovery and well intervention as well as downstream specialty chemicals. We have provided cutting edge solutions and comprehensive services to oil and gas clients in over 16 countries.

We also have an engineering, construction and technical services segment with competencies that cater to the oil and gas industry, and which has expanded to commercial and industrial buildings. We have developed into a strategic single-source platform that efficiently takes clients from design to construction, from maintenance to building management. In this segment, we serve a wide range of oil and gas as well as industrial clients and are cementing our position as the industrial builder of choice.

On the longer horizon, the Group will venture into sustainable development and digital technology that focuses on zero-carbon, renewable energy, and electrification capacities.

Propel Global is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Through its various subsidiaries, the Group has a presence in Penang, Lumut, Labuan, Miri, Kemaman, Bintulu, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. The leadership team line-up are professionals armed with a breadth of experience in the fields of oil and gas, the legal sector, actuarial science, finance, and chemical engineering.



Propel Global is one of the world’s leading pipe recovery and well intervention specialists. We have also gained the recognition of being one of the most reliable manufacturers and service providers in specialty chemicals.


Our team in this segment has been involved in the energy industry in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region since 1975 and are industry professionals equipped with substantial oil and gas experience in addition to technical expertise crucial to the field.

Pipe recovery and well intervention is critical to mitigate downtime costs for our clients, which can range anywhere from USD 10,000 to 1,000,000 a day. Our award-winning business segment offers cutting edge solutions that will help our clients increase hydrocarbon recoveries and business profitability.

One of our key offerings is the MCR Radial Cutting Torch (RCT), one of the slimmest tools available to resolve a stuck pipe that also has the added advantage of being non-explosive and zero flaring.

A stuck pipe cripples drill rig operations and every hour it remains stuck translates to costly downtime. Daya Maxflo, a company of Propel Global Berhad, has the Global License from MCR Oil Tools to deploy the RCT to over 100 countries.

The RCT can be used across various O&G operations such as drilling, production, and well services. It can cut, among others, drill pipes, casings, tubings, and coiled tubings. The RCT has been used in pipe recovery for clients like Petronas, Shell, ExxonMobil, ARAMCO and ConocoPhillips.


Our wireline intervention sub service enables safe well control during wireline operations. The technology allows wireline operations through a side entry and can be used in multiple operations such as pipe recovery jobs, pressurised cement evaluation, pump down operations, Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) logging, ThruBit logging, and slickline operations. This simple design provides simultaneous entry for wireline and drilling fluid.

Other services in pipe recovery and well intervention include an innovative multiple operations system, as well as a visual diagnostics service to resolve wellbore issues.

The latter delivers detailed, distilled information almost instantaneously upon deployment, putting unparalleled standards of visual diagnostics into well operator hands and empowering them to identify, understand and resolve complex wellbore issues with speed, confidence, and accuracy.

It also eliminates guesswork and assumptions on actual well conditions. Among the common challenges encountered by the client’s wellbore issues are perforation, corrosion, fish, restriction, sand, water and leaks.

O&G Specialty Chemicals

Propel Global has gained the recognition of being one of the most reliable manufacturers and service providers in specialty chemicals by many global petrochemical companies including Petronas, Petron, Shell, Gas Malaysia, Repsol, Lundin, and Hengyuan Refinery.

Superior service quality and uncompromised safety to all our customers is delivered by our team of experienced engineers, chemical professionals and logistic specialists who expertly manage and deploy sizeable chemical volumes to offshore oilrigs and onshore refineries through a fleet of ISO tanks and semi-bulk containers. Unparalleled infrastructure for storage, transfer and delivery of specialty chemicals set us apart from others in the same field.

We also hold a number of important chemical licenses from Petronas, on an exclusive basis, and are the representative of international principals with different specialty chemical products.

Our achievements in this segment has made us one of the largest specialty chemical players in the oil and gas industry with extensive experience in servicing a large base of multinational clients.

The expansion of our chemical business into the upstream sector in Oilfield and Environmental Chemical has led to succesful projects with the oil operators. With over 30 years of technical experience as a service provider in both downstream and upstream oil & gas sectors, insight has taught us valuable lessons. Our depth of knowledge has put us in the top spot in the industry. Together with reliable suppliers and our partners we create win-win situations and client confidence.

O&G specialty chemicals division

A snapshot of the products and services in our O&G specialty chemicals division include: